University Of The Highest Education International


 Hello and welcome to U HE I

This is a unique spiritual university for all ages.

Who is U HE I for?
U HE I is for people who want to learn about life.
You are the subject, you are the class, you learn from your experiences.
It can help you understand the mysterious and fantastic place called the
Kingdom of God. This kingdom is inside you waiting for you to know about it.

Now I have the Kingdom of God inside me I have had demon possessed
people run away from me and I never even said a word to them.
When the Spirit of God is with you the demons know that there is no
competition and they have to get away from you as quickly
as they can. This power is waiting to happen for you too!
The enrolment requirement is simple. If you choose to agree to
believe in Emmanuel, meaning 'God With Us' (Jesus Christ), then you are enrolled instantly.

Why is this important?
This is important because if you are going to experience
a life where you witness signs and wonders  
then belief in Jesus Christ is beneficial. 

How and when does the class begin?
To understand the education process r
ead chapter 4 of the book
Revealed At Last” by Peter Hutchinson. Chapter 4 should help you on your way.

The entire book, Revealed At Last, is also there to teach you and 
give you understanding on different aspects of life. Whether you
need more confidence (Chapter 5
 ATP Self Development)
or you want to get closer to understand Christ (Chapter 3 The Lonely Child)
this book will open your eyes. 

 The book “Revealed At Last” by Peter Hutchinson
is available below.

Revealed At Last has gained credible recognition.
The author received a letter on behalf of the
Archbishop of Canterbury in 2014 by Revd Dr Jo Bailey Wells:
"I am very sorry to hear that your experience with the church
has been a source of such disappointment for you, but I am
pleased that you have responded so positively with this book."

Ann Widdecombe, star of the hit TV Show 'Strictly Come Dancing
(UK version of 'Dancing With The Stars'), Celebrity Big Brother and former British
Conservative Party Politician wrote:
"It was an interesting read."

Pastor David Lankford of The Voice of Evangelism - International Ministries
wrote: "Very different approach and writing. Keep sharing the gospel."

CBM Book Reviews - USA: "One will find this book
fascinating, uplifting and refreshing..."

 U HE I Clothing
 U HE I Clothing and accessories are for people of all
nationalities who have enrolled with U HE I 
you are from the USA or India, China or the Middle East.
All people from any country are welcome.
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The goal is to give you wisdom about you and
develop you so you can be satisfied with your life.
It is also to prepare you to have everlasting life
in the world that comes after this life's experience is over.
Understand more about the Kingdom of God within you.


This is the updated version to the book's enrolment eligibility. 

To be eligible for U HE I and to wear or acquire the clothing and accessories
of U HE I, you have to believe on the name of Emmanuel 'God With Us' Jesus Christ. 

 Acts 16: 30-31

30  … Sirs, what must I do to be saved?

31 And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved 

May good news, miracles and unexpected victory be with you as you stand
in confidence wearing U HE I Royal Gold garments.

 Read chapter 4 of the book "Revealed At Last" for further information.

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(Original book cover)

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Books for further peace of mind


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